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My mission with Bixxs - human resources - is creating safety within organizations. It aren't the organizations themselves who are unsafe. It is the experience of people that characterizes an organization as safe or unsafe. And the safer you feel in being real with everything, the more you can grow, show your talents and be your confident self, an enterprising employee. The one that organizations (and everyone else) love to have in their surroundings. 

My name is Wieteke Corstiaans and I am so touched by the effect of Heart IQ and the pure strenght in being vulnerable. It helps me to ride the waves of my life with all its ups and downs. It feels wonderful to be able to choose to shine everytime again with every part of my being...everyone deserves that kind of safety! I'm grateful to be able to share this work and co-create a more connected and enterprising world.

With love, Wieteke


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Creating safety in organizations! Organizational, management and personal development

What Others Say

"Wieteke is an honest, responsible and professional woman who thinks and acts outside the framed world. Wieteke aims and goes further by her enthusiasm and passion. Her expertise and approach, along with a keen eye and feel for others, shows the world how it could be otherwise!"

Margrethe van Heeswijk, Director International Executive Search at McArthur & Shahquille (2014)

If you are not directly affected in your heart, this will happen in a physical way, but Wieteke is going to hit it. At the time, this is confrontational, but nothing is made heavier than it is. This has brought me a lot and different than other courses I have fun every day of the changes which have taken place internally.

Jessica Heinemans, Participant Heart IQ™ training - personal enterprising (2015)

„Wieteke holds a very safe and loving space which allowed me to drop into my heart and access more clarity. She also didn't let me off the hook which was amazing! She reflected back to me things which I hadn't seen and gave me such a gift of insight. I would highly recommend working with her.”

Hilary Crisp, Heart IQ Community / Facilitator level 2 (2014)

"During my pleasant cooperation with Wieteke, I got to know her as someone who gets people moving. Through her different, fair and thorough way of working, she brings awareness in the organization and more importantly with the people themselves. Wieteke is really a brilliant for companies that want to do things differently, she does it!"

Maikel Pheninckx, General manager BOA Nederland (2013)

The methodology Heart IQ was good for me, it has brought me closer to myself and the results are impressive. Wieteke as a trainer is a gift.

Olga van Hengst, Participant Heart IQ™ training - personal enterprising (2015)