Sumir Brown

Sumir Brown

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

When I think about what makes my life sparkle and feel full of sweetness, some of my achievements come to mind, like a successful corporate career and my hard-earned university education. But when I sit with stillness, what comes into focus are the relationships that have shaped me into the person I am today. My family who made sure I was held in love and wonder, my fifth grade teacher who nurtured my desire to learn, the mentors who have modeled true leadership, my animal companions who taught me to bare my soul, the sisterhood that has witnessed my feminine journey, and the man who inspires my heart to open everyday.

These relationships fill me with gratitude and fuel me to create inspiration for others in the world. I am blessed that I get to do this very thing each day alongside my loving partner, Christian, with our team and community, building the future of Heart IQ together.

Did You Know?

I am a huge animal lover! I’ve been known to miss flights, and run barefoot down a busy freeway to save an animal. It doesn't matter what kind, big and small, I'm devoted to loving them all.