Sarah Newman

Sarah Newman

Heart IQ™ Academy Director

After graduating from one of the highest rated public school systems and prestigious colleges in the United States, I felt hugely dissatisfied by the stressful, over-intellectualized environments. I knew there had to be a deeper, more joyful, vibrant and emotionally connected experience of life and education. For years, I dabbled in every personal development tool I could get my hands on, but when I discovered Heart IQ™, I felt I had truly found my tribe. Now I get to bring my passion to the Heart IQ™ Academy and run Heart IQ™ events with my fiancé, Geoff.

I love adventure and cultural discovery. I’ve been to 26 countries and 23 states in the USA, and have a goal to see at least 50 countries and all 50 states. I dream of visiting ancient sites in Egypt, Peru and Turkey, as well as going on a safari in Africa.

Did You Know?

I love animals (especially elephants!), cooking creatively and am teaching myself to play the guitar.