Geoff Newton

Geoff Newton

Customer Engagement Manager

I have always had a real love for adventure and discovery. Since I was young, images of Egypt, the pyramids, and the tombs fascinated me. As an adult, I was immediately drawn to Heart IQ™ and its mysterious capacity to awaken human potential.

As a fan of awakening human potential, I became a Heart IQ™ Coach, Facilitator, Supervisor and eventually a team member of Heart IQ™ Network. I also love to work with people to decode patterns seen through ancient lenses of tarot, numerology, and the symbolic language of astrology.

My very favorite evenings are spent laughing with my fiancé, Sarah, spending time with family, or enjoying a delicious meal with friends.

Did You Know?

As a casual drummer for the past five years, there’s a good chance you’d catch me drumming along to one of my favorite songs.