Stephanie Fabela

Stephanie Fabela

Director of Programs & Education | Head Trainer

I’m extremely passionate about the human journey, even the ‘unbearable’ parts. What we go through as humans, how we work and how we break down, who we are as souls in bodies, and the larger purpose of our existence - all this fuels my fascination. I have an insatiable hunger to know more about who we are, who I am and what else is possible beyond what we know to be true!

Taking in the world through all of my senses is important, but my favorite mode of exploring is touch. Through touch, I love supporting people to move in their bodies, connect to their breath, discover their sense of space and belonging, and come home to the safety within. Touching another with sacred intent … this brings me joy! I love helping to awaken people to who they are and what they want to create in life.

I'm also deeply inspired by how human beings communicate and create intimate connection. It's a big part of my life purpose to discover and expand the possibilities of 'fully embodied partnership.' I feel completely in my joy when I'm working with couples to help them understand how their own unique language of love can thrive. In my own life, I'm walking this inspiring path of daily discovery and expansion with the love of my life, Dan.

Did You Know?

Other things that nourish me are trees, rocks, crystals, all things that sparkle, art, colors, written and spoken words that bring energy to life, writing, poetry, music, singing and dancing!