About Me

I am Chrisoula, the Golden Muse, a teacher and guide in the most natural form – I inspire and celebrate LIFE and deeply understand what’s at the heart of our curiosity to learn. I live my life in celebration of the power of learning and the depths of discovery that can transform how we live our lives.

Learning a language goes to the heart of a culture and my heart is firmly rooted in my Greek origins – the Golden meaning of my name has inspired my title, the Golden Muse and I invite you to join me on a journey of discovery and celebration of all that my home land has to offer, living joyfully from the heart. Everything new we embark on is like learning a new language and enhances our LIFE – discovering a new culture, awakening parts of our inner world, inspiring us to make changes for the better and celebrating the joy of our new perspective, all this gives us the freedom to be our ever evolving, true self. And this is my personal awakening through the tools and teachings of Heart Intelligence.

Heart IQ was introduced to me for the first time thanks to my involvement on the radio over the last five years as the hostess of a weekly two-hour show called "Health and Healing" Conversations with Chrisoula on RedShift Radio every Thursday 2pm to 4pm (UK time). One of my passions is to raise awareness about possibilities for personal development and holistic well-being through the radio show along with other LIFE events and platforms of connection and communication from the heart. I remember the occasion when one of my guests, Pam Lob, was sharing on air her experience with Heart IQ and her plans to participate in the Heart Summit in Holland back in December 2013. Intrigued as I was, I followed Christian Pankhurst's webinars and having connected with him online I felt an immense pull to learn more ... my heart was ready to expand more and feel more joy. I felt inspired by his presence, his personal story and passion.

When I attended The Heart Summit, I was blown away by the depth of connection, honesty, openness and integrity I experienced with other people coming from all over the world. And then I took a life-changing decision to step up and receive training as a Heart IQ coach which I successfully completed and now I am a Mastery Heart IQ Coach.

My desire to spread the word about the amazing world of Heart Intelligence pushed me to start running Heart Circle Experiences in Cheshire since February 2014. Now I feel the calling to carry on my path as a teacher and guide by teaching the Heart IQ Essentials 6-week course in Cheshire and my vision is to bring this fascinating work to Greece - all in perfect timing.

My Journey with Heart IQ™

Love Relationships and You Training and LIVE Event, July 2015

Heart IQ™ Relationship Coach Training (In-training)

3.5 Day Deep Dive Retreat - March 2015, Holland

Leadership Mastery Programme & Live Event – March 2014, Holland

Heart Summit - December 2013, Amsterdam

Professional Qualifications

Colour Mirrors Teacher ~ The Spiritual Psychology of Colour, June 2015, England

Colour Mirrors Practitioner ~ The Spiritual Psychology of Colour, September 2014, England

Heart IQ™ Mastery Coach, June 2014

Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in Modern Foreign Languages, July 2005, England

BA (Hons) in Linguistics (University of Manchester), July 2004, England

CELTA Certificate of Teaching English and Modern Languages to Adults (Cambridge University), 1996, England

CEELT Teaching English to speakers of other languages (Cambridge University), 1996, England

More about Chrisoula and her Languages of LIFE

I invite you to step onto the path of discovery and learn from my languages of LIFE as I guide you to expand and transform on a journey from the language of Cultures to the language of Colour and the language of the Heart.

I would be delighted to welcome you to our heart circles, coach you one-to-one and inspire you to live LIFE from the heart, reaching a greater understanding of who you are, expressing more joy in your everyday life with your family, colleagues and friends while exploring, expanding and evolving.

All you need to do is to make the first step... take action and the rest will follow naturally.

Love and Sunny Wishes

Chrisoula, The Golden Muse


What Others Say

The evening with Chrisoula felt more than a woman's circle it felt like a sacred activation of the soul - a reconnection to myself and others walking the same pathway. I felt held, welcomed, seen and loved ...the sharing was magical and the insights awakening. Chrisoula is a true wild woman of wisdom, inner strength, power and deep love. She walks her talk and was born to do this work; to connect, ignite, enlighten, manifest and make powerful magic happen!"

Sam, Art of Angels, Liverpool UK

"On 10th August 2014, I attended the heart circle of Nurturing Self Love, a celebration organised by Chrisoula, at Heather Bank Farm in Cheshire. I wish to thank Chrisoula, Dawn, Lionel and all who attended on the day, it was a joy. The energy and space were full of love and light, the actual space itself had such a great high vibration energy and was so clear, it all just facilitated healing with little effort required. The energy was great. Everywhere you looked there was something of beauty, something to focus on that assisted and supported you in feeling good. Getting into a feeling good space and connecting to joy is always the way to go for me and brings us closer to who we really are. This day really held and supported that energy. Lovely to share with those who attended too, as like really does attract like. A day and space full of positive energy and certainly one to attend again should the opportunity present."

Kaitlyn G Lyndon, Birmingham UK