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Heart IQ have contributed to me, my life and to my relationships in a way that’s beyond words.

Heart IQ for me is the foundation to all other personal development I have done in my life because it about contributing to you finding your way home to your authentic self on so many levels.

I bubble of curious inside and at the same time I´m humbled to discover what is hiding deep inside every human being, both in me and others. We are so much more than our mind will ever be able to understand.

To find your way home makes it possible for me and you to live from our natural state. For me that’s living from your heart and soul.

What Heart IQ contributed with to me was living from my authentic self in ALL areas of my life and having a totally new human experience with others.

To be able to be held, felt, witnessed and loved in total present from others in this space is a profound gift beyond words that I wish all human beings gets a chance to experience during their lifetime.

To feel, express and experience all your feelings and emotions in the loveing space that others holds for you so that you can experience the feeling in resting in your own being. Not having to do anything but being YOU.

No acts, no roles, no masks… just BEing YOU!

If this speaks to you in any way start your heart IQ experience today!

You are on this website for a reason – it’s your time now!

Welcome to the family ❤

Love, light and blessings/ Anna




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What Others Say

Anna´s yoga is a gift to humanity. Her calm powerful energy - injects you with inner peace and calm. It was so wonderful to have hands on assist to guide us. Anna is an inspiration and teaches yoga in a simple way. She has the wow factor and teaches yoga with Love! You can feel it! Dawn

Thank you Anna for a beautiful love yoga session where I was able to deeply relax following the release of tension in my body. Your guidence enabled me to feel what my body needed and how it wanted more. The energy you created felt delicious and I found it so easy to go deep into medtiation. Much Love Sara

Yogalicious! What an absolutly beautiful heart centred yogasession - connected with so much love! Liz Anna offers a unique moment into "no stress" to connect with your body, access your resistance nad guides you to hold and move through it. Fabulous yoga guide and holder of awareness and silent space. Sas

My neurologist has pointed out many times how much tension that released in my body after I started yoga with Anna Numell. Anna's Heart yoga is not "just" yoga positions, that's all you! Camilla Enjoy Anna's heart yoga. ..an amazing experience! Catarina