About Me

"Being generously witnessed by others in our deepest truth can be profoundly healing..."  this theme that Christian states so eloquently, is a "red thread" that runs through all the work I do.

How I came to Heart IQ: My professional background is in organization development. I work with leaders who want to help their organizations become more collaborative. I also support groups who are working together on common projects so they can learn to work together more creatively and effectively.

At the same time, to do this kind of work well, we need to nourish ourselves with ongoing personal growth and development opportunities. And that's how I discovered Heart IQ! I began exploring it for my own growth and healing, and now I'm delighted to be sharing it with others.

What I love about Christian's brilliant Heart IQ work, is that it offers an amazing framework for healing, personal growth, and transformation -- by tapping into the power of groups. Instead of coaching one-on-one, we work within the amplified field that we create by coming together as a Medicine Circle.

As a group facilitator, I bring all of my experience with other personal growth modalities into this sacred container. This includes my earlier training in Focusing, Internal Family Systems, Inner Empathy, and Co-Counseling.

What I offer in Heart IQ:  In the last several years, I've been offering personal growth and community-building sessions for women in my region, the Berkshires. I call them Deepening Our Joy gatherings, and they are deeply grounded in Heart IQ. These supportive, high-energy circles are a wonderful opportunity to create a powerful healing community with one another, to love ourselves and one another, just as we are, and also, to expand our personal range.

At the same time, my work continues to evolve. Everything in our world today, is calling on us to discover new and creative ways to manifest our leadership. As a spirit-based activist, I feel called to offer this work to women and men in the social change arena. We need supportive containers where we can nurture ourselves, and grow more fully into our leadership. 

I also feel called to offer this work to people who are "professional listeners" -- therapists, group facilitators, mediators. The more we ourselves can be deeply witnessed, the more ease and joy we can bring to our work with others.

If you are interested in participating in either local or online circles, please e-mail me and let me know!



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What Others Say

"It was a most joyful experience to be a part of the circle. I so appreciated what we all shared and your leading us all along the way. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of this…. I loved being with such moving women who are so open to sharing and learning at the various places in our lives."

~ Nancy R.

"I am in a different Space since Wednesday! Thank you all present to assist my Claimed Me. I am back to myself! What a Joy! No turning back! Rosa's skills are superb to hold the container. 5 sessions of expensive therapy will not accomplish what one session of this did!"

~ Lilia A.

"I have had the recent pleasure of participating in a local Heart IQ Circle that has been enormously helpful to everyone' s process. Rosa is an open-hearted, strong and sensitive leader who brings surgical precision and subtle awareness to each member of the group, while simultaneously holding the larger group energy and its needs."

~Karen A.