About Me

One of my missions in life is to provide a sacred space of acceptance, love and support to help individuals connect to the callings of their body, mind and spirit so they can live a life of less pain and more energy and joy. The clarity and support experienced in this sacred space also gives individuals the courage to take inspired-action to transform those dreams into a reality. I've had the honor and privilege of doing this work on a one-on-one basis through intuitive bodywork and intuitive coaching sessions since 2006 but for several years had a deep desire to expand my work into a group/community setting. The first time I heard Christian Pankhurst speaking about Heart Intelligence it felt as if my heart had been grabbed and pulled out of my chest as if to say "come this way". I didn't know how it was all going to work out but I knew I needed to attend the 2013 Heart Summit in Amsterdam. The event was life-changing and I knew instantly this is what I have been searching for all those years. I'm proud to say that in April 2014 I graduated from the Academy as a Heart IQ Coach.

Studying Heart IQ and being a part of the Heart IQ Community has transformed my life personally and professionally. I am continually amazed at the greater clarity, confidence and courage I experience when I am with someone who makes me feel loved and supported. My mind and heart, however, was blown open when I got to experience the amplification of clarity that comes in a group setting. I didn't know that depth (and speed) of clarity and growth was possible.

When I am coaching or being a part of this sacred work, I feel like I'm home...getting to help others feel that way too makes my heart overflow with joy!

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My Website

Simple tips, insights and services to help you heal your body, mind and spirit so you can live a life of less pain and more energy & joy!

What Others Say

Heather has been a truly positive influence in my journey to become a healthier person. My sessions with Heather have helped me to become more aware of where and why I hold muscle tension. I realized how negative thought patterns were manifesting themselves in my body. This realization has transformed how I react to daily stressors and my outlook on life. One other thing I love about my sessions with Heather--she has a knack for making you feel completely at ease during the session. She really puts you first and who doesn’t need that once in awhile?

Shannon Fischer

Heather was able to get right to the heart of my issues and gently help me move through things I was avoiding. I noticed a lightening of my physical body as I worked with her. It was interesting how various pains moved and then dissipated as she brought various thoughts and energies to the surface. Even thinking about what we discussed now I can feel the energy move…she’s quite amazing!

M.C., Madison, WI

The relief I get from working with Heather is priceless. Boundless gratitude comes to my mind when I reflect on the healing space she provides. Gratitude because I feel safe enough to let go. The muscle aches and tension disappear, providing a wonderful vacation from the stressful day-to-day tasks. For me I cannot pay Heather enough for the relief (and vacation) I experience after our sessions.

Katrina D.