About Me

I have always wanted to dive deep into the mystery of human nature. For me, HIQ work brings all the different pieces together, enables to connect the divine as well as very human aspects of ourselves, to embody the wholeness. Practiced in a safe, supporting and sacred space HIQ allows to go beyond our conditioning and simply feel and be more yourself. By recognizing our defence strategies, limiting beliefs, and feeling real emotions through our bodies we become more present, more alive and authentic. Daring to be witnessed in my vulnerability, seen and felt in my inner truth opens my heart as well as hearts of others, brings more joy and freedom.

 I am in awe of the power and wisdom of the circle, trusting what emerges in the now moment opening the ways to heal collectively. My passion as an HIQ coach is to support women, men and children in feeling, accepting, expressing and loving more person they really are. I am on my own journey from being invisible to becoming a wise, alive, joyful and powerful Woman. I deeply long for the heart- centred connection and interaction with each other to be the new normal.

Please send me an email if you want to experience the HIQ circle, coaching in a small group live or online.

What Others Say

I am taking part in the second HIQ group led by Agne. I still feel her sincere devotion for what she does. Thanks to her coaching I get to know myself better, experience more joy and dare to open more. For me it is very important that with her calm, gentle yet deep guidance in the circle I can follow my heart with more trust and experience more harmony in my life. Right now I feel feminine, strong and full of life… Thank you, Agne. I wish you huge success in the path you have chosen …And I sincerely support you!

Virginija, Vilnius