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I wanted to be an actress but was afraid I’d never make a living. I toyed with becoming a writer but decided the life would be too isolated. I should have been a psychologist but the thought of all those years of study really turned me off….. So I went to work with children and became a teacher instead.

Forty years later, I’ve realised all those dreams – from stage, screen and voice-over acting; to creating my own School of English; to studying psychology and becoming a Life and Empowerment coach; and even writing my first mini-book about Communication in Relationships and my FB blog ‘Goodness, Greatness Me’.

Life, of course, has been my best teacher. I was born in England, to two wonderful, but emotionally-wounded parents – both survivors of the Holocaust. I grew up understanding that in order to stay safe, I had to keep a low profile but, at the same time, what was growing inside me was a deep desire to somehow be of help to others who felt insecure.

I’d witnessed the crumbling of my parent’s dysfunctional marriage yet was totally shocked at the speed at which my own marriage turned toxic and abusive.

It took me 33 years to realize I was worth more…. When I did, I turned my back on the abuse and victimization and stepped out into the glorious world of Self-Emancipation and Empowerment.

That first night of freedom, as I stood in the near empty lounge of my rented apartment, I raised my arms to the heavens and vowed out loud:      “Universe, whatever you bring my way, I will explore ....Whatever opportunities you send me, I will follow .... I have been blessed with the chance to begin my life anew and if I don’t do just that, I will have wasted the very reason for my leaving .... I am so grateful to have this chance to start again, I will make the most of every moment!”

And I have.

In 2011, when I discovered Christian Pankhurst and Heart IQ, I felt, intuitively, that this path would reach a deep, deep part in me, expose me to a healing I could not yet imagine and guide me to a place where I could finally be of real service to others.

Heart IQ has taught me so much.

I have learned to recognize my beautifully imperfect self; accept parts of me that wanted only to remain in shadow; and acquire the strength to make heart-breaking decisions knowing that, despite the pain, they were the most self-honouring actions I could perform.

Since then, my life has opened up in so many directions, both in my professional and personal life. Each challenge has brought its own version of fear to be overcome and I’m constantly amazed at the perfection of the Universe – how each challenge has become the perfect opportunity for me to expand and grow.

I have participated in 3.5 day Heart IQ Retreats, a 7 day Deep Dive Retreat, 2012 and 2013 Heart Summits – where I was privileged to act as a group leader – and two, deeply cathartic, 7-day intensive, Heart IQ Trainings.

Three years of intense, ongoing training at the Heart IQ Academy have brought me profound experiences, insights and awareness – and every course that I teach and circle that I run brings me new understanding and respect for my clients and the courageous manner in which they face life.

As an Empowerment Coach and group facilitator, my job is to help you step up and claim the parts of you that you wish were stronger:                                                               

build up your confidence       set healthy boundaries       deal with hurt and rejection       let go of guilt       learn the power of forgiveness           enhance your communication      transform your approach to daily life       improve your relationships …. and reconnect to your joy.                         

I specialize in improving family relationships in a respectful and honoring way - without giving up on who you are. And yes, there is much you can do – even on your own.

It will be my privilege to guide you on your own journey to self-empowerment.

Be prepared to infuse new life into your relationships by pouring new life into yourself!

I invite you to claim a no-charge, no-obligation “Step into Your Power” session with me and we’ll see if we’re a ‘good fit’ to continue working together.

I’m looking forward to meeting you.


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What Others Say

I am writing this to you from the bottom of my heart and the very core of my being. This short course has far exceeded any prior expectations I had held. I came in a blubbering, sad, vulnerable, highly sensitive mess. I received empathy, strength, and compassion as well as practical and pragmatic solutions to help me overcome my weaknesses and problems. With your guidance I, (haha yes me!! ) actually came up with the ideas and concrete methods to proceed in making my life a happier one. My self-awareness has been heightened and my fears reduced significantly. I have come a long way in raising my self esteem and being able again to look in the mirror and see some of the old S reflected back at me. You are a shining light in the darkness I was in. Thank you Lydia. Thank you so very much. S.V. (Teacher)

Your wonderful six week course, Lydia, has opened my eyes to possibilities I never knew existed. You have given me a courage that lay dormant for a long, long time. No longer holding anxiety and aggravation inside of me I am now free, free from a darkness that held a tight grip on me; my health suffering due to this. Now there's only light and happiness to help push me on. I am stronger, and there's no going back. Dear Lydia, with your wonderful words of encouragement you have shown me the right way to live my life; with love, respect for myself and feelings of self worth. With gratitude, Lilian G. (Author)

I participated in the 6 week pilot course which was held, believe it or not, on the internet. We each sat in the privacy of our own homes and followed an interesting powerful and totally unique experience - it was unbelievable. It boosted my morale, it boosted my self confidence, it made me look inward and it left me uplifted. It helped me find my way out of the rut I had sunk into, and most of all....... It brought a ray of sunshine into my life that had been blocked out for too long. V.Z. (Housewife)

I just want to thank you for an incredible day! I came out of it on such a high and even a few hours later still feel fantastic. It was a very interesting experience learning more about my comfort zone, "stuart" and how I can continue my journey of personal growth. I certainly felt a HUGE shift today. Thank you! I also found myself looking at myself from the outside and was amazed at how other people ( particularly complete strangers) see me and expressed it in the exercises and also afterwards. It was a real WOW for me. From the bottom of my heart. Hugs and lots of love Michelle. (Teacher)

Lydia in just 10 sessions [ less then 20 hours of my life] you have turned my world around. You have worked hard with me, led me into places in my heart and head I could not get into by myself. I can not thank you enough for your compassion, your knowledge and patience and your big heart. H. (Retired)