About Me

I was born in 1950 in central Massachusetts, one of four Commonwealths among the fifty states of the USA. Since I was quite young, I always had the notion that we were all doing something not quite right. I always had the idea that we needed to live not from our heads but from our hearts. Of course, teachers looked upon me as an enfant terrible with bizarre ideas, but there was not much they could about it, as I was not preaching my ideas to others, but just asking them why everything was backwards. It was almost as though I remembered a time (whether from the distant past or from some time in the future, I know not) when we really did all live in heart-based communities where everyone was encouraged to speak and live their truth.


I was born to two people who had natural psychic abilities, so naturally I was born with them as well. My parents did not discourage me from using them, but I saw that they denied and tried to hide their own powers, and rather subconsciously followed suit. Though raised Catholic, and groomed from a young age to become a priest, I slowly drifted away from a church whose foundations seemed, the more I investigated, to be less and less built upon Truth. My quest brought me first to Hinduism and Yoga, and I soon found Marcia Moore, a wonderful Yoga teacher in Concord. Her second husband, Louis Acker, interested me in Astrology, and through them I was able to first meet the amazing woman of knowledge known as Sybil Leek.


My quest had been fueled by questions such as:

– Why are some born with golden spoons in their mouths and others in utter poverty?

– What happens after we die—do we go to Heaven or Hell, or do we reincarnate?

– What determines our life on this planet, our fate in this life?

– How can we escape this world of suffering and transcend into a realm of joy?

I searched for practices that would help me on my journey, and found the Rosicrucians, Transcendental Meditation and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (whom I would later meet both in Rishikesh and in Japan), and Zen Buddhism and Zen meditation. At the age of 24, knowing I was not finding what I wanted in the US, I moved to Japan, where I still reside today. I wanted to find a place where I could dare to be me, where I could integrate body, mind, and soul and shine like a brilliant star—but of course all I found was another place where “the nail that sticks out will be beaten down,” as they say in Japan.


Wanting to find a way to be more integrated, I took up the study of martial arts, moving from one extreme—power-based Shotokan and Goju-ryu Karate, through Aikido, to the other—Chinese martial arts based on Qi. In 1986 I met the art of a great Chinese master named Wang Shujin (d. 1981), and was intrigued by the way he blended his martial techniques with a deep religious bent, as he was a priest of a new religion called Yiguandao, a teaching that blends the best parts of Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity. As a young Caucasian living in Japan, I did not have the opportunity to learn much about his religion, but from his successors I have studied and begun to embody the principles of Qigong, Taijiquan, and the Chinese internal arts.


At about the same time, I encountered Reiki and other forms of energetic and shamanic healing, and began practicing energetic and vibrational and sound healing. I had also been quite deeply involved in Tibetan Buddhist practices and in the corresponding teaching of the Japanese Shingon sect, and consequently later took Shingon ordination and in 2010 underwent austerities and became what is called an Ajari (from the Sanskrit Acarya, or teacher), which is a high-ranking Buddhist prelate. All of these things helped me to learn not only who I AM but who we all are, and I wanted to devote myself to helping others find themselves and live their joy.


In 2012 I was introduced by James Twyman to a man named Christian Pankhurst. Christian was running a 7-day retreat in Coast Rica wand was broadcasting three nights of it live. From the moment he explained what Heart Intelligence© is, I knew that I had found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! What he teaches is not just a way for us to come more into our own joy and to help others do the same; it is also an incredible practice that one can use throughout one’s entire life! Ever since joining him and his Heart IQ community, I have been participating in, practicing, studying, and trying to enbody Heart IQ!  


Christian once wrote that Heart IQ is “the Art of feeling more JOY in life, through the process of accepting who YOU are, as you are, without making yourself wrong.” It teaches listening to, following, opening, and communicating from the Heart, and it is an amazing path that can transform our lives. It has been my great honor to have been able to serve as a supervisor and also to offer Qigong workshops and healing work at trainings, retreats, and the Heart Summits.


Heart IQ Experience:

3.5-Day Retreats                                                  

  • Amsterdam – April 2012

7-Day Deep-Dive Retreats

  • Panama –September 2012
  • Colorado –September 2013

Heart Summits

  • Miami – July 2012
  • Amsterdam – December 2012
  • Amsterdam – December 2013

Training Events

  • 7-day Coach Training – Amsterdam – April 2012
  • Heart IQ Coach Certification – Amsterdam - December 2012
  • Facilitator Training – Amsterdam - December 2012
  • Heart IQ Coach Certification – Colorado - July 2013
  • Heart IQ Facilitator Certification (hot seat)  –  Colorado - July 2013
  • Large Group Leadership Intensive – Amsterdam – October 2014
  • Large Group Leadership Intensive - Mooirivier - March 2015
  • Advanced Facilitator Training (hot seat) - Mooirivier - March 2015


Heart IQ Specialties:

  • Leadership Mastery Program Supervisor
  • Small Group Leadership Intensive Supervisor
  • Large Group Facilitator Intensive Supervisor-in-training
  • Heart IQ Facilitator Level 2


Other than the School of Life, my parents, my partner, and my friends have been my greatest teachers (in fact, some of greatest Zen Masters I have known were cats!), but here are some of the other people and places from whom/which I have acquired knowledge:

  • Oxford University (UK) – B.Phil. in English Language & Literature and Classics (1971)
  • Bates College (Lewiston, ME, USA) – B.A. in English Literature (1972)
  • Transcendental Meditation of Cambridge (USA) – Served as a Checker and Initiator (1971–72)
  • Studied at the main training halls of Gojo-ryu Karate (under Grandmaster Gogen Yamaguchi) and of Ueshiba Aikido (under Grandmaster Kisshomaru Ueshiba) – Fall 1974 – Spring 1976
  • Beijing University of Chinese Medicine – Acupuncturist and Herbalist (1978; also studied under Dr. Uchiike of Tokyo and assisted at his Tokyo clinic)
  • Grandmaster Wang Fu-lai (Taiwan) – Taijiquan Long form, Qigong, Xingyi, Bagua (1986–present)
  • Los Angeles Spiritual Expos– Made a Seichim Master under Phoenix Summerfield (1990–91); and a Reiki Master under Kathleen McMaster (1991)
  • Given the gift of a healing system known as Sekhem (2000; received directly from Sekhmet)
  • Massage – Trained as an essential-oil masseur (2002); also studied the Raindrop Technique® (2009) under Christine Faris
  • Re-attuned and re-educated as a Master-Teacher by John Harvey Gray, one of Mrs. Takata’s 22 Masters, in 2007
  • Kalachakra Initation – Bestowed by H. E. Pema Norbu Rinpoche (NY, 2007)
  • Received full ordination as a priest of the Japenese esoteric Buddhist sect of Shingon (2008)
  • Underwent 100-days of austere training and received the abhiseka ceremony making me an Ajari (2010)
  • Dr. Charles Gillam – Received certification in Craniosacral techniques (2011)
  • Tej Steiner – Heart Circle Process Study and Training (2012–present)
  • Gangaji – Attended satsang with and studied under this disciple of Papaji, himself a disciple of Sri Ramana Maharshi (2014–present)


In this life, I have one intention— to be a messenger of God’s love; to be a safe haven that helps people find joy in growth and self-exploration; to reflect back to all the beautiful being that they are!

My heart’s deepest longing is to share with as many as possible the tools that have enabled me to—most of the time—show up, be present, be open, be heart-centered, be connected, be embodied, and be authentic, as well as to help each person I meet move closer to awakening.


Contact me for:


Individual Coaching (live and online)

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Heart IQ 3.5-day Retreats (live and residential)

Gay Relationship Coaching (live and online)

Heart Circles for specific purposes

  (Men’s Circle; Gay Support Circle; Abundance Circle; Awakening Circle; and others)

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