About Me

Greetings, and welcome to my page!  Here are some things to know about me....

My passion is joy... to see it, feel it, hear it, embody it ... to take it in with every breath, and assist others in doing the same!  What is life if we cannot be fully present, take it in and experience it with joy-filled awareness?

I am a coach who loves being a catalyst for change in the lives of my clients.  We work in partnership understanding that the presence of emotional pain indicates great opportunity is at hand.  I work with a client’s edge in order to expand their capacity to love Life.

My personal journey is one of ongoing inner work that has included Pathwork, A Course In Miracles, The Way of Mastery and years of Metaphysical, psychological and philosophical studies.  My professional journey includes educator, learning disabilities instructor, musician, creative designer, entrepeneur, court mediator, corporate project manager, conflict resolution specialist, author.  

My current work includes individual coaching and Relationship training, ongoing Self Mastery classes, and courses in Meditation, Health & Wellness and Law of Attraction.  My clients include all ages: children, teens, and adults from all walks of life.  I am open to the new however it shows up and am continually expanding my coaching range and services I offer.

Heart IQ appeared in my life for the first time in 2011 when I experienced the Heart IQ Home Study Course.  At the time, I was developing my current coaching business, and Christian’s approach resonated with my own perspective on life and relationships.  I am excited that Heart IQ’s key focus is joy and developing the tools for bringing joy to one’s life.  It is wonderful to be part of such a supportive and generous community... a beautiful reflection of Christian, himself.

If you are ready for joy to appear in your life, please contact me.  I look forward to hearing from you.  I can’t wait to get started!