About Me

I've been coaching individuals, couples and businesses for a number of years using a wide variety of modalities.  I was so excited to discover Heart IQ as it gave my work a beautiful loving balance and added more value to my clients experience to support them in finding  joy and connection in their lives.

Prior to starting a career in coaching, I was a researcher in the feild of immunology and have a PhD in medicine.  In 2005, along with my love and business partner Ian we started a hugely successful wholesale company, Conduit.  These days, acting as COO of  the family business takes up some of my time, the rest of my days are spent coaching clients and writing workshops.  I've written a children's book - Do not Feed the Gorilla! that tells the tale of my personal growth journey through the eyes of a child and a big fat hairy silver back gorilla.  I'm also a mum of two teenagers; George and Olivia who are happy forming their lives and don't need me so much these days.

I have a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and am studying for a Masters in Psychotherapy.  My passion and purpose in life is to reach people in their families, workplaces and social circles to support them to find a loving tribe and to find their purpose and joy in life - whatver that may be for them.

Would really love to talk and connect with you.  Feel free to contact me here in sunny Brisbane. I especially love connecting with people across the planet.  Much love, Jackie.