About Me

It is often said that life begins at 40. My starting point was at 40 and ¾, when I had major surgery. This event caused me to immerse myself deeply into many aspects of personal development and exploration.

Over the next 10 years I faced a lot of challenges: coping with my husbands battle with leukaemia and subsequent death, completing a degree in psychology and training as a counselor and hypnotherapist.

Life totally transformed for the better at 50 when I discovered Heart Intelligence. While training to be a Heart IQ Coach and Facilitator as well as an Art of Feminine Presence™ teacher, I realised that I had spent most of my life in a daze. I was disconnected from who I truly was: my heart was shut down, I was unable to feel myself fully in my body, notice my emotions and be aware of my energy. 

When I began to incorporate the Heart IQ and Feminine Presence principles and practices into my daily life, everything shifted dramatically. I gained access to my deeper inner wisdom and intuition and reclaimed my feminine essence and power.

Now I feel more alive than ever. I am healthy, my relationships have deepened, I am creating the work that I love to do, and I feel confident in facing the challenges that everyday life brings.

Just imagine what your life would be like if you could:

  • ·      Decease stress and overwhelm
  • ·      Manage health conditions with clarity and intention
  • ·      Create meaningful relationships
  • ·      Feel confident in any situation
  • ·      Allow pleasure, joy and playfulness to be part of every day

I would love to connect with you and explore how I can support you in making this a reality for you. If you are ready for a change, but have been putting it off or are unsure about what would make a difference, I invite you to book one of my free discovery sessions.


As one of the first to qualify as a coach and facilitator I've been running regular Heart Connexion Experience Days here in Cheshire for over 18 months.  These days are about building community with a group of people who want to live an authentic life, connected to who they truly are.  A life where they can feel more, life is more joyful with healthy relationships and they have support when times are difficult or past conditioning rears it's head. Come along to experience and learn what Heart Intelligence is all about and bring a friend for free.

Find out more or reserve a place at my next event contact me at http://www.pamlob.com/contact

I offer courses and workshops in Heart Intelligence and Art of Feminine Presence™, as well as group and 1.1 coaching online and face to face.  I'm also available to give talks at your workplace or group.

Please get in touch www.pamlob.com/contact 

Let me teach you new perspectives and possibilities and see what can happen.

With an open heart



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What Others Say

“ Heart I.Q has helped me enormously to get life into perspective, by seeing things from a different side of myself, away from the physical mind and body, helping my creative flow again”.

Sarah McNaught. Author and Illustrator.

"You are a wonderful facilitator, and your added credentials make you an ideal person for this kind of work.You somehow manage to hold the space for everyone to be who they are,with compassion and guidance,and love,and I feel you will go from strength to strength once you become fully established,and get more practise.Your humour is a valuable gift."