Heart IQ™ Experience Retreat

A 3.5-Day Heart IQ™ Retreat delivered by our Certified Level 2 Heart IQ™ Mastery Facilitators.

This retreat offers you a well-deserved pause from your everyday overwhelm by giving you the opportunity to reconnect with yourself in ways that matter most.  This is about you taking the time to recharge your batteries while upgrading your ‘operating system’ at the same time . You’ll leave this event with your eyes, mind and heart opened to a new clarity, about who you are and what you want. This is an experience that will awaken you to the possibility and abundance that is waiting to come into your life! 

During these 3.5-day retreats, you’ll be in Circle with up to 25 others, building a strong, resonant ‘Heart IQ™Amplified Field’.  

This immersive experience is suitable for anyone, new or experienced in Heart IQ™, but it is not for the faint of heart. These retreats are an emotional-energetic gymnasium that will allow you to reconnect with your power, work with your shadows and be nurtured in ways that you didn’t even know were possible. This is a journey that promises to introduce you to a fuller richness and depth in your own humanity.

These retreats are held in key areas around the world by our Certified Heart IQ™ Level 2 Mastery Facilitators. Regardless of where you attend one of these events, whether it’s in the Netherlands, UK, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Japan or the USA - you’ll have access to our best facilitators delivering the highest quality trainings in Heart IQ™. Even better, these retreats are offered at affordable tuition costs that will fit most budgets.