Heart IQ™ Experience Day

A selection of 1-Day experiences designed for those starting their Heart IQ™ journey.  Led by our Certified Heart IQ™ Mastery Facilitators.

If you’re looking for a way to get an experience of Heart IQ™ in a safe and intimate live setting, with only a small time and money investment, then this event is perfect for you!  

You’ll spend the day in Circle with up to 25 others as you use the ‘Heart IQ™ Amplified Field’ to awaken your own Heart Intelligence. As you participate in this highly experiential day, you’ll have a chance to see the things that have been holding you back in life with more clarity. Through the expert guidance of your facilitator, you’ll be taken on a journey to expand beyond your habits and routines into new emotional-energetic ranges of self-expression and insight.  You’ll benefit from witnessing others as they do the same through the community-based support system of Circle.

This process is transformative, nourishing and extremely enjoyable!

  • You’ll leave with practical tools to help you listen, follow and open your Heart while being better able to communicate in a heartfelt way with others.

  • You’ll walk away with an empowered experience of yourself.  

  • You’ll be introduced to what it feels like to be in a Heart Intelligent community where you can be seen, heard and accepted for all of who you are.

Heart IQ™ Experience Days are offered with a choice of six key themes.

  • Completing Your Past

  • Empowering Your Future

  • Breaking Through Limitation

  • The Practice of Surrender & Letting Go

  • Healing Your Shadow Side

  • The Art of Receiving

Heart IQ™ Experience Days are hosted in locations all around the world at a very affordable cost.