About Me

The journey of the soul begins in the heart.

My journey began with a broken heart. I am not talking about a broken heart from an intimate relationship, but from not being witnessed and accepted for who I am. As a young girl, I was a sensitive child and internalized all that happened around me. I often felt very lost and alone, very confused by the world around me, and very afraid. I lived in a world where the truth was hidden, where the trauma and pain that I felt and experienced was denied. Over time, I began to believe that, because no one acknowledged my reality, that I must be crazy, and that everything that was 'wrong' within and around me must be my fault. By the time I reached adolescence, I wanted to die. Following a suicide attempt, I was hospitalized. Instead of receiving the support and healing that I needed, my reality and my emotions were further denied by the therapists in the hospital. I was told that my suicide attempt not real, that there was nothing wrong with my life, and that I was just 'attention seeking'. I was criticized for expressing what I felt or thought. I felt so disconnected and alone that I locked a huge part of me away from the world and myself. I buried her deep inside to hide the pain. I put on a brave face and stepped fully into the game of illusion. I hid my heart and soul from the world. I could not find anyone to help me heal, so instead, I made it my mission to help others to heal as I disconnected from my own pain.

Over time, the disconnection became unbearable.

I self-medicated, I worked constantly, I sought approval through taking care of everyone but me. I used sex to avoid intimacy. I loathed myself and was simultaneously desperate to know who I was and WHY I was so F%&#ed up. I tried many avenues along the way. I became a spiritual seeker. I tried traditional psychotherapy again. After a while, I discovered the holistic world and Reiki. When I learned about Reiki, I immediately signed up for the full training. I was partly motivated by my desire to heal others, but my deeper longing was to find something that would help me heal myself. A few years later, in 2005, I met my mentor, Elizabeth Frediani, and became both her client and her student. Through her guidance as a skilled healer, I finally began to heal my heart and my soul, and to reclaim that lost parts of myself that I had hidden away. The journey with her has brought ongoing transformation in my life, enabling me to heal very deep, very old wounds, and to continue to grow personally and professionally. As I embraced my own healing journey, I no longer needed to heal others as a surrogate to healing myself. I became able to approach my clients from a place of wholeness, where I can now bring the wisdom of my journey as a guide to inform and facilitate their own healing journey.

A few years ago, Christian popped into my inbox. As I read about his work and watched his videos about Heart Intelligence, I felt a deep resonance. At that time in my life, I felt the call of the heart very deeply and was exploring deeper connection in the heart through a number of avenues, however Heart Intelligence spoke to me on a soul level and I was drawn to learn more. I knew that this work was important for my personal healing journey, and it beautifully complimented the healing and coaching work that I offer my clients. I yearned to go deeper. Over the next few years, I participated on the various calls that Christian offered whenever I was able. I attended the Miami Heart Summit in 2012 and fell in love with the beautiful souls that I met and connected with at the event, and I participated in a Practice Day shortly after the Heart Summit, which was a wonderful opportunity to integrate the Heart Summit experience. Not long after, some personal events drew me away from the Heart IQ community for a period of time, however when Christian offered the Heart IQ group coaching certification in the fall of 2014, I knew that it was time to re-connect with Heart IQ, and I had to find a way to make it happen. I signed up immediately and allowed the universe to help support me in sorting out the details.

Immersing myself into the training process enabled me to take my Heart IQ journey so much deeper, and to more fully integrate the work into my life. Each day, I come into more internal awareness of where I am, and where I long to expand in my life. I witness the wonderful gifts that Heart IQ has brought to me; I see it in my relationships on all levels – with myself, with my partner, with my family, with my clients, and with my friends and colleagues. It is a tremendous gift in my life, and I am excited to now be able to integrate Heart IQ into my work and to offer it to my community.

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What Others Say

“Linda's nurturing, compassionate nature and gentle intuition blend very well with the deep work and healing modalities she offers. She is someone who truly cares and it shows. For me, healing involves opening yourself up and allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Linda creates a space and atmosphere of safety, understanding and acceptance to do just that. She helps illuminate blind spots and offers real world solutions for change. Through working with Linda, I am able to be kind to myself at times where I previously would have fallen into shame, guilt and judgment. Since my son was killed, Linda’s healing brought me peace in the middle of an ocean of despair, and gave me a glimpse of unconditional love, and the knowing that I am not alone in this. I am still and always will be a work in progress, but I have more positive things in my toolbox to work with.”

Corrine - Honey Brook, PA

"Linda has been a wonderful partner in leading me through to a breakthrough that has empowered my life immeasurably. I was being held back by a few deep seated patterns that I did not understand, and had previously been unable to overcome. I found Linda to be very insightful, intuitive, caring, and knowledgeable. After a few sessions of working together, Linda was able to "see" and explain to me the patterns and beliefs that were not serving me. We explored the patterns and the underlying causes; and how my behaviors were being triggered. She helped me practice to recognize and tune in to these feelings and triggers; and how to respond to prevent them from interfering with my life. Linda taught me some powerful tools and perspectives that made it so much easier and more effective to live the life I've been wanting to live, free from the blocks! I have been incredibly impressed with Linda's intuitive gifts, her deep understanding of human nature, and our interaction with the energy body. The work with Linda has brightened and lightened my life, and I highly recommend her."

Bill - Downingtown, PA

"Linda Dieffenbach has been working with me to deal with some very well instilled issues that I have been having since childhood to present. These issues and something new that has arose has had a major impact on my well being. In a short period of time, Linda has been able to work with me to help me work through some of these things through one of my vital chakras. I have been very impressed with her technique and professionalism. Linda is so patient, caring and gives herself to the client during the session and is available for questions later. I have appreciated her integrity, honesty and she practices what she preaches!"

Christina - Phoenixville, PA

"Linda has been working with me on some very personal issues from my past. Combining healing energy with counseling giving me a great sense of comfort to to open up and speak freely to release old wounds. She has helped me release a lifetime pain and see myself as a whole person filled with light & love."

Maria - Honey Brook, PA

"I have known Linda since October 2014. I have been fortunate to be in circle with Linda coaching many times. On each occasion I found Linda created a loving safe container. I personally felt nurtured and in full acceptance of who I am in Linda's presence. This helped me drop to a depth in such a way that I have grown and stretched out of my comfort zone., but only to as much as what my nervous system can handle in that moment. Linda intuitively knows how far to take you. She has an amazing ability to tune into what the space taker needs. She does this in such a way that it is not confronting and is well received so it lands and this helped me have awareness and expansion in my life. Linda has helped me to love all parts of my self in my Heart journey and for that I am truly grateful! Thank you Linda"

Lucy - Sydney Australia