About Me

I love life! I believe the world is awesome, amazing and magical... and I know it is also at times challenging, confusing and chaotic! I believe people are inherently good, kind and compassionate, we just get lost along the way due to being mistreated, abused, ignored and rejected - causing deep pain which then causes us to disconnect or shut down from life, spirit and other people. This disconnection leaves us feeling flat, fearful or depressed and leads to behaviours which don't serve us such as addictions or distractions which take us away from the peace and joyfulness of the present moment.

You're here because you want:

  • to have deeper, more joyful and functional relationships with honest compassionate communication
  • to really feel seen, heard, understood, accepted and loved
  • to love yourself more deeply, feel good enough and to trust in yourself more
  • deeper connections with others (partner, kids, friends, customers)
  • a sense of belonging and community
  • more clarity in life and a clear sense of purpose
  • to have emotional freedom (so you're not being controlled by your emotions and reactions)
  • to be more connected with Source / spirit / your intuition / your heart
  • to live your heart's truth & feel really ALIVE

This work can give you all of this if you're courageous enough and feel ready to dive in!

Living authentically through opening, listening, following and communicating from your heart is simple, yet not easy. With guidance and practice you can live a life of freedom, fun and fulfilment and really love the life you live! I know, because this work has helped me enormously.

I can work one-to-one with you in a private coaching session (in person or via Skype) helping you to uncover and work through what's holding you back in following your joy more of the time. This can be a great starting point and introduction to Heart Intelligence if you're new to it and a great way to start learning the key skills. However this work is much more powerful when practiced in a group, as it enables you to go deeper and heal those hurts that were caused by others, in a safe, supported way.

I run live events in Heart Intelligence and combining it with other modalities to create my own workshops in and around Bristol, UK. I also co-facilitate Heart Awakening Retreats with Dan Hartley. Please check out my events or email me now for more details.

My Story:

After working in Marketing and living in London for 15 years, interspersed with two long backpacking adventures, I knew I wanted to work with people in a transformative way and was searching for a professional training which really excited me. I found Heart IQ™ through the founder of The Art of Feminine Presence™ - Rachael Jayne Groover and Christian are old friends. I fell in love with the work immediately and for me it was the missing piece which has now become the whole!

I now love helping people love themselves more, live their heart's truth, find their courageous voice, be more authentically confident and have more clarity so they can live their purpose and have the intimate relationships they long for. Seeing my clients learn, grow and flourish in their lives by following their hearts, brings me sooo much joy.

I’m an encourager of your heart’s truth, giving you full permission for honest connection and authentic expression.

I work with people who are on a personal development journey already who want to have deeper, more authentic connections with others and heal their past but struggle with really loving themselves, feeling seen and heard in the way they want, stepping into their greatness, speaking their truth and having the intimacy in relationships they desire. Through private coaching and facilitating Heart IQ™ Experience Days they can have an increase in self-awareness and come into more joy so they can feel more alive, have deeper more connected relationships and enjoy emotional freedom.

I work from my heart and holistically with body, heart, emotions, energy, mind and intuition, to support my clients to find their own answers and clarity, to empower them to grow and love life! I love coaching and teaching personal development because it gives me a sense of fulfilment, freedom and great joy.

Please contact me for more information on upcoming events, private coaching and special offers and to book a free 30 minute phone consultation to see if this work (and working with me) is right for you right now.

My Specific Heart IQ™ Experience (not running events):

  • Hot Seat Advanced Retreat Training - Mar 2015
  • Supervisor @ Small Group Leadership Intensive - Mar 2015
  • Large Group Facilitator Training – May-Oct 2014
  • 3.5-Day Retreat – Holland - Sept 2014
  • Small Group Coaching Training – Jan-Mar 2014
  • Heart Summit – Amsterdam 2013
  • Heart IQ™ Mastery Program – Autumn 2013

OFFICIAL Heart IQ Specialties or Heart IQ Network official roles:

  • Leadership Mastery Program Supervisor
  • Heart IQ™ Mastery Facilitator-in-Training Level 2
  • Heart IQ™ Mastery Facilitator Level 1
  • Heart IQ™ Mastery Circle Coach

Other qualifications:

  • Certified Art of Feminine Presence™ Teacher, Level 2
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner
  • Natural Laughter Skills Facilitator
  • BA Business Studies Degree (2.1)

What else... who am I?

  • Cat Enthusiast (I have two)
  • Elephant Collector (not real ones)
  • Organic food grower (plus slugs too!)
  • Tree hugger (and people)
  • Beetle driver (my dream car)
  • Conscious dancer (wild and ecstatic)
  • Animal lover (esp. baby mammals)
  • Earth carer (& part time greenie)

What else can I tell you?

  • I moved from London to Bristol in 2012 without having ever been there! I just knew it was right and all these years later I LOVE IT!
  • I spent a year backpacking in South & Central America, plus 4 months living in a spiritual & eco community in the jungle in Nicaragua - the most life-changing time.
  • I completed the Moon Walk (a marathon walked at night for Breast Cancer) and burst into tears of relief crossing the finishing line.
  • I spent a year in Australia and backpacked in S.E. Asia for 5 months, I had a blast living in Sydney.
  • I love travelling, having also travelled to India and South Africa twice.
  • I practiced T’ai Chi and Chi Gong for 12 years and have practiced yoga regularly for more than 15 years.
  • I regularly attend the longest running 'Laughter Club' outside of India. Laughter really is the best medicine.

I hope to connect with you soon.

With love

Hils x

My Website

More info about me, my coaching and links to connect with me

What Others Say

For a long time I have felt there are things in my life that need addressing but I wasn't sure how to do that and it was starting to affect my mental/physical health/well-being as well as my relationships. The Heart Intelligence day was well structured and Hils provided a safe, loving environment to explore my truths and put me at ease. The power of the deep, heart-felt connections with others in the group enabled and encouraged me to ask what I really want in the now/in the present and to receive it.

Emily Kidson, January 2015

I found the day really gave a profound shift in the way I view myself and allowed me to get in contact with my emotions and my joy. By the closing circle I couldn’t stop smiling and any workshop that has that effect on me is worth its weight in gold.

Marcus Clark, October 2014

It felt like a really engaging day, so many things happened in such a short time. The space was held beautifully by Hils and I felt supported enough to drop down into big emotions.

Niall Graham, October 2014

Hils holds a very safe space in which I feel free to speak my deepest truth without feeling judged. She sees the deeper meaning of life, in joy and pain. She knows exactly what to say to lead me to clarity, in a direct and at the same time very loving way. I love Hils' Heart IQ circles!

Wieteke Corstiaans, September 2014

Hils is so light and joyful while holding such a beautiful, serene circle space. I feel so safe in her presence and this creates the most perfect flow for things to unfold. Thank you Hils, I am so grateful.

Michelle, March 2014