The Heart iQ Summit

Our Philosophy:

Buried deep beneath layers of fear, defence and conditioning, lies your dormant life force or 'juice' waiting to be unleashed for love and the giving of your deepest gifts.

Along with nearly every living human on the planet, you have a virus in your operating system which makes you think you're unworthy and not enough. 
It's a lie. 
But, contrary to popular thinking, you can not remove the virus by 'thinking differently', changing your beliefs or upgrading your mindset alone.
The idea of your 'worth' is simply that... an idea. But at the Heart iQ Summit, you get to embody this idea so that your nervous system begins to burn out the virus and in its place, you get to feel your natural life force.

The Work:

Heart iQ is an life force & leadership practice.

First, we must develop good 'self-connection', which is the result of unleashing the bound energy stored in your physical, emotional and energetic bodies.
By being in a large amplified field with others, your nervous system will find it much easier to expand the emotional-energetic ranges you need to contact in order to feel yourself again. 
Once you have re-activated your life force, you are in a healthier space to share that life force with others in order to make the kind of impact you crave.
Without your life force fully activated, your purpose will be devoid of the necessary fuel to make a meaningful difference and the world will not receive the gift you are meant to give.

The Event:

The Heart iQ Summit is a profound 4 day experience hosted at the Heart iQ Retreat Center in the Netherlands.  

With Heart iQ Founder, Christian Pankhurst as your guide, you'll be led on a rich journey of discovery, embodiment and integration where you'll visit different areas of your emotional, physical and energetic landscape, and release the dormant fuel that resides there.
You will discover that by deepening your access to to the hidden fuel inside of you, you will create more charisma, depth, presence and openness in your life giving you resources to heal your past, bring more energy to the present and manifest the future of your wildest dreams - making the impact and contribution you've always known possible. 
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Registration Fee: €500 in-person, €200 livestream