About Me

Hi, I am Gabi Schmitter

About Me

53 Experience Years - Born in West Germany, and moved to Holland when I was 6. 

My passions are Energy, Nature, Colours, Animals especially horses and Music  I still love to go to festivals and concerts and party's  and  since I found Heart Intelligence I so love  to facilitate circles mostly on a special theme or together with horses and always with a spark of magic  

Before I met Heart IQ and circle work I really was stuck a job that didn't serve me.
After that I  opened my awareness to a greater perspective and got very interested in Quantum Fysics and Healing Work.
With my background of Quantum Fysics I knew that that the Power of the Group was so much more than working 1 to 1, so I came across Heart IQ  and with that I began to experience the power of that amazing amplified field of a circle and I felt like coming home, like I have known this always.  

This Transformation Power of the amplified Field when being in a circle gave me such a transformation in such a short time that i feel the need to make this as important as attending a yoga clas or going to the gym. To grow and heal we need other people to regain the safety in our nervous system to become our True Authentic Self again. To have free access to our true and full potential of Love  in our relationships and in our connection with others. In my opinion that is the easiest way out of suffering.  

For me life is getting a clear picture on your own puzzle, the puzzle of your own life. Everybody has its own puzzle to complete in his own shape and in his own colours. 
Each time we put a puzzle piece into place we get a higher perspecive and the bigger perspective becomes much clearer by giving you more clarity.  Heart Intelligence and especially the circle work can give you in a very quick way a greater perspective on your own puzzle 

And how would it be to have this oppertunity in every city. That there is in every city a Heart Opening Meeting Place, where we can circle together and be who we are, free to be and free to feel whatever comes up and be loved and supported in that. My biggest dream is to initiate this by opening the first one in the center of Holland.
I truly beleive that together we really  can create a New World of connection ruled by Love, Passion and Joy beyond fear. 

Heart IQ and me

I came across my Heart Intelligence puzzel piece in a challanging period of my life of disconnection to myself and to others in which I gained a lot of puzzle pieces  which really did not fit together.
After reconnecting to myself and other through Heart Intelligence I realized I gathered a lot of  puzzle pieces which did not belong to my own puzzle. It took a while to sort out to fitting pieces and to let go of a certain number of puzzle pieces..

Colour is a puzzle piece that always is a part of my puzzle. That's why I had my passion with fashion, and  I began my career in the Fashion Industry (Importers).
I started as a receptionist, later as secretary, Office Manager, and Logistic Manager.As I really loved organising and distributing.
On top of that I liked the seasons, to build up all the energy to get it all in time and closing a season, having some spare time and go for the other ride. Each season was different with a lot of challanges that's what I really loved about it.

My career made a turn when I got an oppertunity to work for a big transport company as Office Support Manager.
My whole body said NO to this, for me this became a turning point as I did not listened to the sines of my body.
I have learnt a lot from that and that's why I can teach now how to listen to your body. Even to test in a very easy way with your own body.
So now I love to help you how to listen to your body and feel more connected to your body and help you to find your puzzle pieces 1 to 1 or in a circle.

How I do it

As I like to do things differently, I also mix Heart Intelligence with a Touch of Matrix - for me this fits in a perfect way together as Heart Intelligence feels for me working from inside out and Touch of Matrix feels for me as working from the outside to the inside (working with the living Matrix - or The Field). see for a sneakpreview the vidoe of a of a Touch of Matrix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ls67dqsqtB8   

My gift is to see/feel were the energy needs to be unlocked - or is getting stuck or were it is cloudy and needs to let the sun shine again on that places to brighten up the colours in your field. 

I love to organise Events and Circles -
I run a small cosy circle upto 10 people once or twice a month on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon & I also can recommand my special fun Energy game in a circle which can be used as a starter, where you can meet up with the circle dynamics in a playful way. It is a good starter for a circle day and easy hopper to hop into other events and circles. See for more info my events. 

You can contact me for

Heart IQ Coaching 1 to 1 live or through Skype (Dutch and English)

Heart IQ  Small Circle Expierences live (only in Dutch) or through Skype (Dutch or English)

Testing with our own body 1 to 1 or in a circle

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