Insights to Intimacy LIVE

A 5-Day Experiential Event that brings the clarity and power of Heart Intelligence into your Intimate Relationships.

Most relationships begin with a lot of potential, but the real challenge is how do you continue to deepen your connection with one another amidst the tests of daily life? This 5-day Intimacy Training is an invitation to explore the unknown regions of your potential alongside other couples and singles who are facing the same dilemma.

7 Day Deep Dive Intimacy Retreat

The ultimate experiential training in building Heart Intelligent relationships, facilitated by Christian Pankhurst and Stephanie Fabela.

This 7-day residential retreat is an extraordinary journey into the art of attracting, creating and growing your Heart Intelligent relationships.  Whether you come to the event alone or with your partner, this experience will offer you a new blueprint for creating a relationship that will bring a lifetime of satisfaction and nourishment.