What Is The Heart IQ Network?

The Heart IQ Network is an organization founded by Christian Pankhurst. Its mission is to educate the courageous few that are ready to embody the life-transforming work known as Heart Intelligence (Heart IQ).

The Heart IQ Network offers a wide range of educational programs, for both your personal and professional goals while providing a space for heart-connected community to flourish.

This page is a guide to help you explore how the Heart IQ Network can support you in taking the next steps on your personal and professional journey. Welcome to the family!

The Heart IQ Network has four branches:

Heart IQ Mastery

Heart IQ Mastery is the central hub for our personal development programs.  This is where you will find the training and education you need to embody more Heart Intelligence in your life.  We offer a variety of courses, events and services, each designed to deliver a fundamentally transformative experience.  Our offerings include online home study programs, Heart IQ Mastery Coaching programs, private mentorship opportunities with Christian, weekend workshops and our deep-dive Accelerated Awakening retreats.  If you want to expand and grow your Heart Intelligence, then Heart IQ Mastery is the perfect solution.


Heart IQ Academy

The Heart IQ Academy is our professional training university where you can learn the art of coaching and facilitating using the Heart IQ Method. We offer a range of products and programs that cater to everyone - so whether you’re a veteran or newcomer, we have a package that’s right for you.  Do you want to be certified and work in our organization delivering our courses?  Or perhaps you have your own brand, message and vision and want to integrate this powerful work into what you offer?  Either way, Heart IQ Academy can take you where you want to go, both personally and professionally.


Heart IQ Relationships

Heart IQ Relationships is where you'll discover trainings and live events that focus on building Heart Centered relationships. Whether you’re ready to grow as a couple, or on your own, or even as a parent, you’ll find what you need to create the intimacy you’ve been craving.  Topics covered include conflict resolution, intimacy building, sexual awakening and the ‘Heart of Seduction.’  This work not only helps you find the perfect partner, but has shown repeatedly to be an essential ingredient in healing broken relationships, reigniting passion and connection, and bringing families closer together.


Heart IQ Foundation

The Heart IQ Foundation is our non-profit community-driven social enterprise.  Its mission will be to build Heart Intelligent communities all around the world and offer support and connection to our Heart IQ family, wherever you may be.  Further ahead, plans for the Foundation include the creation of eco-villages and retreat centers so members of our HIQ community can gather and live in a more heart-centered and sustainable way.