What is Heart IQ?

Heart IQ™ or what many call ‘Heart Intelligence’ is a method of personal transformation developed by Christian Pankhurst, an expert in relationships and facilitating group dynamics.

Heart IQ offers you the capacity to access deeper levels of joy, intimacy and connection in all areas of your life. It is the art of feeling more alive through the process of accepting all of who you are, as you are right now, without making any part of yourself wrong.

This is what makes Heart IQ different from many therapies out there (Heart IQ is NOT therapy). It is built on the premise that you are intrinsically good, healthy and unconditionally loveable. However, as you live your life, make mistakes, hurt and get hurt by others, evidence is created to the contrary. Over time, your judgements and limiting beliefs begin to eat away at your confident inner core and you begin to shut down or amplify certain emotional-energetic ‘ranges’ within yourself in order to become more acceptable to others.

Instead of focusing on your issues, problems or blocks, in Heart IQ, we look at your relationship to these ‘ranges’ that are out of balance. These parts of you have either been turned up too high or turned down too low as a result of your nervous system doing it’s best to adapt to the stresses of your life while maintaining a sense of safety.

We do this work primarily in groups (either online or in-person) using others as part of the healing process. As others were intricately involved in your disconnection, others can be a great source of ‘medicine’ for your re-connection. Because everyone in the group can relate to each others experience, everyone shares in the medicine and the healing effect is amplified.

We call this process, ‘Expanding Your Emotional-Energetic Range™’ and it’s achieved by developing four core skills known collectively as the Heart IQ Model™.