The Heart IQ Model

venn diagram and stool

The Heart IQ Model consists of four skills that are developed together. A good analogy is a four legged stool. If each skill represents a leg on the stool, you can appreciate the need for all four legs to be of equal length or the stool becomes unstable and thus unusable. In Heart IQ, we’ve found a unique way to awaken these skills in our students through an organic, highly experiential approach.

The Four Skills of The Heart IQ Model

1) Opening The Heart

When we speak about opening the Heart, we are not referring to the pump that pushes blood around your body! Instead, we are talking about FEELING MORE. Feeling more connected to source, feeling more embodied, feeling more love from those you care about and feeling more power and authenticity in your expression to others.

2) Listening To The Heart

When your heart is closed, you will find it difficult to access your unique guidance system. Instead of hearing the subtle messages of your inner wisdom, you will only hear the loud noise of your conditioned mind. When you learn to listen to your heart (through stillness and a process we call ‘Tracking’), you will develop the ability to tell the difference between your authentic longings and those that were given to you by your family, education and culture. Through practice, your true purpose and life’s direction is revealed.

3) Following Your Heart

To know your deepest heart’s longing is only part of the journey. What’s required next is to follow your heart and take inspired action. In Heart IQ™  you will develop the willingness, courage and trust required to take fearless action so that you can manifest the life of your dreams.

4) Communicating From Your Heart

One of the most rewarding aspects of learning Heart IQ™  is how it transforms your relationships with others. Learning to communicate from the heart is a vital life skill that serves all relationships, whether it’s with your partner, your customers or your children. Most of us were never taught the critical steps to healthy heart centred communication and conflict resolution. With practice you will develop the skill to express yourself in a way that really lands in the hearts and minds of others while having the tools to resolve differences and create harmony with those you love.