About Me

"Out beyond ideas of right and wrong, there is a field, I'll meet you there...    And we will let the beauty we love be what we dare"  Rumi

Through my life, especially as a child,  I often struggled to dare to show the beauty that I am, locked away in fear which was deeply hidden behind well practised defense systems.  I was deeply sad and unfulfilled inside. Maybe you can relate?  After studying languages and training and working as a teacher, I excelled in academia partly as a way to feel good about myself, and I went on to develop a successful career as a University Lecturer and Teacher Educator, working with teachers from all over the world.  I did love inspiring teachers to bring their own passion and creativity into their teaching, and to dare to connect to their joy and authenticity with their students.

I started to feel increasingly guided to connect to things of the heart.  All my life I have been very intuitive and aware of the heart's guidance nudging me.  I studied healing modalities of all kinds.  And l was particularly drawn to kinesiology, which is just the most amazing therapy.  I did all the kinesiology practitioner courses I could find, and in 2002 I was guided to leave my University career.  I learned a lot about trusting and following that guidance in the face of a lot of judgements from others, and a lot of survival fear!    I found myself working as a kinesiologist with just one client per week initially. I added trainings as an inner journey facilitator, TFT, EFT, hypnotherapy, etc. and have built up a successful practice "Vitalways Natural Healthcare" which is still thriving today.    However, what I dearly missed was facilitating groups, which had always been my passion, but this time my longing was to make a huge difference to their lives, to help people connect with what I now know as their juice for life!

First I found the Dances of Universal Peace, beautiful heart-centred dance and singing in circle, which touched me deeply and opened my heart. I trained as a Dance Leader and now still lead Dances around the UK (this practice beautifully enhances Heart IQ circles).    Then, I found Christian in around 2007 who was running Embracing Change weekends in Clitheroe, Lancashire. Wow, I was blown away! I experienced such deep healings through being witnessed in places I had hidden away all my life.   I kept going back for more, and in those days Christian came to Newcastle too to run a weekend. I met my beloved partner Simon and brought him along - we noticed how in those early days, the work brought us to greater intimacy - something we remembered later when we decided to train as Heart IQ Relationship coaches.   I then found Rachael-Jayne Groover and trained as an Art of Feminine Presence teacher, this is work I draw on a lot when working with women in circle.  It was some years later at the 2012 Heart IQ Summit in Amsterdam that both Simon and I decided to train as coaches.  I continued straight on with the Large Group Facilitator's training and qualified in May 2014.  I have since gone on to qualify as a Level 3 Facilitator and have been active as a Heart IQ Supervisor working on both the Certified Practitioner Training and the Relationship Mastery Programme, which I love.

SInce December 2013 we have never stopped running circles here in our lovely workshop space in Newcastle, overlooking the town moor.   We run frequent introductory evenings, leading into our popular 5-week Heart Intelligence skills courses.  Once people have the skills, they are welcome to join our open space groups, to really deepen in the work and transform their lives at a whole new level. The Heart Intelligence skills courses are also available for online groups.  We also offer relationship coaching for couples who want to deepen their intimacy,  as well as sessions in conflict resolution, including whole family conflicts.

I also run Heart IQ Experience days here in Newcastle and in Sheffield.  I have led multi-day Deep Dive Retreats around the country and I/we are very happy to travel to lead a Retreat or other event or training course near you.  

Both Simon and I are particularly passionate about taking this work into existing settings, communities, organisations and places of work.  We can work with you to help to set up new ways of communicating and relating which can transform the existing culture into a healthy , co-creative and productive environment where all feel valued and engaged.

I  feel so blessed to be doing this work at this time in my life. I feel like I have arrived!

Please get in touch!  We are ready to be invited!




What Others Say

 I saw Christina's and Simon's love of this work shine through and felt held by them both. I found them to be very skilled, intuitive, gentle facilitators. I would highly recommend their Heart Intelligence course to all. Doing this course has completely changed my life!”        Lianne

Your course has changed my life!

Christina has been coaching my 4 month Heart IQ class and I feel safe , supported and nourished by her warmth. Her insights, caring heart and presence gives voice to the core of what I need to hear. This has helped me expand my range of trust in the experience of being seen in a group. I can feel her yummy open heart. Her insights and feedback resonate and vibrate with me beyond the call giving me greater joy as it is incredible to be seen, felt and supported. Ellen Ruth Gordon, author of the Bridge To Purr-r-radise

It is incredible to feel safe, seen and supported by you.

 “I have found your course amazing. Quick to draw me into what is really important and take me to a place of safe challenge. This is helping me deal with some major issues  (and how I relate to those closest to me) that were stuck for many years… and it's really great fun. You are amazing”      Lorna P

I am moving stuff that has been stuck for years!

~Gentle, authentic presence. Those are words that come to mind when working with Christina. Diane Maloney

Christina holds gentle, authentic space.

This is a great way to get real and feel into the harder parts and the more beautiful parts of ourselves. I swear by it at the moment, it's a really great experience with lovely people, led by amazing couple Christina and Simon. I always leave feeling like I've done a retreat or something, feeling blissful. Luke P.