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Stay up to date with Heart IQ™ related news from around the world. You’ll see news coverage of how Heart IQ Network is spreading this work, as well as updates from our Coaches and Facilitators on their efforts to build local community on the ground. Updates about future projects such as the Heart IQ™ School and non-profit foundation, can also be found here.


On November 8th, I shared some exciting news about the Heart IQ Network Roadmap for 2017. 

Some big changes are coming as our shift to a non-profit, socially focused organization becomes a reality.

Here's a summary of topics I spoke about:

The launch of my new book, Insights To Intimacy - Why Relationships Fail and How to Make Them Work, will finally be launched on July 29th! 

Here's the replay from last night's Community Connection Call. Thanks to all that joined us live :-)

For our next meeting, we're planning something different... something special, so I don't have a date set just yet. But watch this space!

Last week at the first Heart IQ Experience in our new retreat center, I spent a few moments sharing my truth and my Heart's vision around our non-profit Foundation.

Today was the big day! We signed the paper work and closed the deal and we're now the proud owners of the Heart IQ Retreat Centre!

Here's a quick video showing the signing...

With just a day to go before the big move, a deep freeze has turned Friesland into a winter wonderland coverered in trecherous ice and snow!

In this month's community connection call we got to do some heart centred vision building for 2016! 

Last night, our online community got together to brainstorm and vision build our dream vacation!

The ideas that emerged were fantastic. Here's a sample of just a few of them:

I'm thrilled to announce that bookings have now opened for our very first annual Heart IQ Community Vacation!
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A Message From Sumir Brown, CEO of Heart IQ Network:

On January 7th, Heart IQ Netowrk will begin a new chapter when we move in to our first retreat centre in the heart of Friesland, Netherlands!

One of the big milestones for this year was to set up our non-profit Foundation to support our philanthropic goals.

After countless meetings with lawyers and some wonderful donations from the community, we are finally ready to set up our first non-profit: The Heart IQ Foundation!

I've been working hard all year on my first book on intimate relationships - specifically how to build Heart Intelligent partnerships.

Just recently, my partner and I decided to treat ourselves to a Heart Kitchen day led by our good friends Sue and Simon Gale.

Since the Summer of 2013, my team and I have been working tirelessly to complete our brand new website, and wow what a result!

Over the coming weeks and months, the final tweaks will be made but for now, I recommend signing up to the community as your first step.

More to come!