The Heart IQ™ Trainers

Founder of Heart IQ™ | Chief Creative Officer | Head Trainer

I’ve always loved to bring people into their joy. At fourteen, my friend and I started a mobile disco. I loved watching joy overcome the crowd with something as simple as a beat. I still occasionally DJ at my own events during our party nights, but I doubt you’ll hear many raving reviews these days. Let’s just say that I’m a little outdated in my music selection.

Around the same time, I became obsessed with martial arts. First, it was Tae-Kwon-Do, and then after an unfortunate hip injury, Wing Chun Kung Fu. I love martial arts, not for the fighting, but for the body control, sensitivity, the super-human possibilities and ability to efficiently use my energy, body and mind to master my inner and outer self. Martial arts got me into my body, and this has become an important cornerstone to the Heart IQ™ Method.

Another passion of mine is healing. I graduated in 2002 as a Chiropractor, being one of the youngest certified practitioners to graduate in the UK. I was just 22 at the time. Chiropractic opened my eyes to the importance of the nervous system and how I can influence and help others to transform their health with a simple touch.

So that’s how my journey began. Today, I live in the Netherlands with my beautiful partner, Sumir. We spend our days joyfully manifesting the Heart IQ™ vision into reality. 

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Director of Programs & Education | Head Trainer

I’m extremely passionate about the human journey, even the ‘unbearable’ parts. What we go through as humans, how we work and how we break down, who we are as souls in bodies, and the larger purpose of our existence - all this fuels my fascination. I have an insatiable hunger to know more about who we are, who I am and what else is possible beyond what we know to be true!

Taking in the world through all of my senses is important, but my favorite mode of exploring is touch. Through touch, I love supporting people to move in their bodies, connect to their breath, discover their sense of space and belonging, and come home to the safety within. Touching another with sacred intent … this brings me joy! I love helping to awaken people to who they are and what they want to create in life.

I'm also deeply inspired by how human beings communicate and create intimate connection. It's a big part of my life purpose to discover and expand the possibilities of 'fully embodied partnership.' I feel completely in my joy when I'm working with couples to help them understand how their own unique language of love can thrive. In my own life, I'm walking this inspiring path of daily discovery and expansion with the love of my life, Dan.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

When I think about what makes my life sparkle and feel full of sweetness, some of my achievements come to mind, like a successful corporate career and my hard-earned university education. But when I sit with stillness, what comes into focus are the relationships that have shaped me into the person I am today. My family who made sure I was held in love and wonder, my fifth grade teacher who nurtured my desire to learn, the mentors who have modeled true leadership, my animal companions who taught me to bare my soul, the sisterhood that has witnessed my feminine journey, and the man who inspires my heart to open everyday.

These relationships fill me with gratitude and fuel me to create inspiration for others in the world. I am blessed that I get to do this very thing each day alongside my loving partner, Christian, with our team and community, building the future of Heart IQ together.

Heart IQ™ Academy Director

After graduating from one of the highest rated public school systems and prestigious colleges in the United States, I felt hugely dissatisfied by the stressful, over-intellectualized environments. I knew there had to be a deeper, more joyful, vibrant and emotionally connected experience of life and education. For years, I dabbled in every personal development tool I could get my hands on, but when I discovered Heart IQ™, I felt I had truly found my tribe. Now I get to bring my passion to the Heart IQ™ Academy and run Heart IQ™ events with my fiancé, Geoff.

I love adventure and cultural discovery. I’ve been to 26 countries and 23 states in the USA, and have a goal to see at least 50 countries and all 50 states. I dream of visiting ancient sites in Egypt, Peru and Turkey, as well as going on a safari in Africa.

ZuVu Yah
Event Coordinator

Fourteen years ago, my Beloved and I built a home on the edge of 900,000 acres of mountain wilderness. We designed our perfect home, a circular home set in nature.

In the evening, you can stand in the middle of our home, and slowly turn in a circle to take in views of the night sky filled with billions of stars. In the day, you might catch our neighbors, black bears. Cougars & owls frequent the neighborhood too! Never could I have imagined living in such a place!

Customer Engagement Manager

I have always had a real love for adventure and discovery. Since I was young, images of Egypt, the pyramids, and the tombs fascinated me. As an adult, I was immediately drawn to Heart IQ™ and its mysterious capacity to awaken human potential.

As a fan of awakening human potential, I became a Heart IQ™ Coach, Facilitator, Supervisor and eventually a team member of Heart IQ™ Network. I also love to work with people to decode patterns seen through ancient lenses of tarot, numerology, and the symbolic language of astrology.

My very favorite evenings are spent laughing with my fiancé, Sarah, spending time with family, or enjoying a delicious meal with friends.

Customer Services

For as long as I can remember, I've felt music as an important part of my being. It lights me up and gets things moving inside me. I began learning piano when I was 5, and it has remained a major part of my life ever since. I love being able to share my musical gifts with others, which I do by teaching piano lessons and providing accompaniment for several disabled adult communities. Other things that excite me include spending time with my son and daughter, tinkering with technology, coaching people to follow their hearts, walking along the beach, watching movies and listening to music of all kinds.

The Heart IQ™ Network 'Review Counsel'

The Heart IQ™ Review Council is a volunteer group of Certified Heart IQ™ Facilitators, Company Directors and Officers, and dedicated Community Members. The Council provides non-hierarchical discussion and consideration on topics impacting company policy and community standards. The collaboration of this Council allows decisions to be reviewed with thorough consideration and heart-intelligent insight, resulting in final outcomes being determined with care and sensitivity for our entire community. Review counsel members include Stephanie, Sarah, Geoff, Sumir, Christian and the following:

I have a passion for learning, that's why I love to teach. For me, learning – as life – is like an Odyssey. Kavafis' poem "Ithaka" puts it so beautifully:

As you set out for Ithaka
Hope the voyage is a long one,
Full of adventure, full of discovery…
Not expecting Ithaka to make you rich.
Ithaka gave you the journey.

So my main objective in teaching is to create a space for exciting and adventurous exploration, for developing confidence, courage and trust. I like to entrain the students into the joy of learning – whether it is ancient Greek or modern coaching.

Since I was a teener, my fundamental longing has been to understand life and what it is to be human. I have spent a lifetime exploring everyday life - from the extreme to the simple. My range of interests have taken me on a omnivorous quest - immersing myself in nature to dealing with HTML, reading old philosophy to modern psychology, learning practicalities like cooking and renovating homes, diving into the realm of art and operating within contemporary business, learning multiple languages and connecting to different cultures around the world. This journey has led me to understand and deeply value Heart Intelligence. I continue to be in amazing love with Alet, my wife and colleague, and enjoy gently accompanying my four adult children through life.